March 24, 2022

A Closer Look

Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History

in collaboration with DRF and the Danville Art League


A CLOSER LOOK@Black History & Women

Places | People | Things | Dreams

March 13 - April 3, 2022


A Night of Artwork and Poetry

A special event to benefit The Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History

 Featuring Slides of selected Artwork & Poetry Slam  |  April 3  | 2-5pm

Tickets: $20/pp, $30 at the door, available at DMFAH or Eventbrite

Eventbrite: Click here for tickets on Eventbrite

Location: 975 Main Street, Danville, VA


Two Artists will be featured: Jane Carter and James Menefee

As well as local artists and students from the Pittsylvania County Public Schools


The DMFAH is pleased to announce our first post pandemic, in- person community exhibition.
The DMFAH has partnered with the Danville Art League to encourage local artists and artist teams
as well as poets to enter the work they created during the past two Covid19 years. African-American Artists, Women Artists as well as all artists have been included to collectively look at the complex issues of Black History & Women through an artist’s lens. Artist have been asked to look at “Places”, “People”, “Things,” and “Dreams” – allowing viewers to take part in these conversations that lead to a lens which takes a closer look at Women and Black History in Danville. Please join us for the opening reception of this community exhibition: A Closer Look @Women&Black History, on Sunday, March 13 from 2-5pm.

For more information regarding this exhibition, please contact Elsabé Dixon, Executive Director, 434-793-5644.

About the Museum: Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History’s mission is to promote history and art in the Dan River Region.  The Museum’s vision is to provide leadership in the Dan River Region for integrated awareness of history, culture, and community. The Danville Museum of Art and History is a large campus housing (1) A Research Center (House 126), (2) A Studio Building that has ceramic and printing equipment (Swanson Studio) (3) The Museum currently offers the Museum Auditorium and the “See and Do” Room as exhibition spaces. We will be looking at a lot of renovations in the next year and our spaces will need to be shared. However, the Auditorium offers a communal area where many will see the works of art and be better able to engage. 

About the Danville Art League: The Danville Art League provides opportunities for members to promote their work in the local area. Area businesses have given their support to allow members to display their work in their buildings.  

About the Danville Regional Foundation (DRF): DRF’s mission is to be a catalyst for long-term transformation through the development, promotion and support of impactful activities and programs that address the health, education and well-being of all the Dan River Region’s residents.  

The Foundation is one part of a large collaborative network of partners from all sectors working together as agents for innovation promising a sustained positive impact on the entire region.

Please note the COVID19 Guidelines for the event: https://www.danvillemuseum.org/content/uploads/PDF/Facility/corona_virus_letter.pdf