October 26, 2012

Voices from Danville’s Past, a bi-annual event, was once again sold out!  The stories told by costumed reenactors are the stories of Danville’s past.  Our work to preserve our city’s history is ongoing. We urge you to be a part of that preservation by joining the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History and other historical preservation organizations.


Richard Snyder (left) took time from his studies at Washington and Lee University to play a sneaky bank cashier who hid his ill-gotten gains in the cemetery.  Richard has participated in Voices from the Past in various roles for many years.  His parents, Lester and Marquita Snyder (below right), have portrayed General John Hunt Morgan and his wife Mattie Ready Morgan since 2002.


Emily Liverman (below left), a sophomore at Longwood College, returned to Danville to reprise her role as the beleaguered Elizabeth Royall, a student at one of Danville's Female Academies who was literally frightened to death in 1833.

Elizabeth_Royall    Blue_Johnston

George "Blue" Johnston, played by William Sturdevant (right), bore the ill effects of taking nitrate of silver, hence his sad moniker.

Claudia Belk and Caroline Tucker (below left), seen here as Flora and  Annie Lapham, were sisters of Middleton Page Lapham.  Both girls portrayed their roles for the second time this year.


Appearing for the first time this year were Sophie Liverman (below center) as Lucy Crockett and Kara Oaks (below right) as Susan Potter, a victim of a skating accident seen here in a period wheel chair borrowed from the Little Theatre of Danville.

Lucy_Crockett     Susan_Potter     Lace_with_the_Lace_Collar     

At right, Dr. Powhatan Cabell (Gary Tucker) and his mother Sarah (Liz Goodman) seem surprisingly happy considering the myriad tragedies of their lives.  Bobbi Jo Brown made the Lady with the Lace Collara hit with the audiences.


Below, Mark Harrelson as Mayor James Lanier admonished Rachel Schoonover not to make loud or hideous noises at night, a law passed in the early 1800s.Lanier__Miss_Rachel

 Jane Reid as Maria Louisa Williamson (below center) searched endlessly for her gravesite,  and Steve Petrick as Mayor Ptolemy Watkins (below right) urged Danville citizens to "buy local."  


Mayor_Ptolemy_Watkins   Noble__Guide

 Robert Brooks (left) delighted audiences as Captain John Nobel with the salacious tale of his introduction to the city and John Wales (below right) brought tears to the audiences' eyes when he related Dr. George Craghead's tale of woe.












Gavin Oaks (right) portrayed William Dooley, one of the victims of the 1865 arsenal explosion. 







Cider and funeral cakes, provided by Rachel Schoonover and Nationwide Insurance,  were enjoyed by all.  If you missed it this year, we will return in 2014, with some new stories to share about Danville's past.