January 9, 2009

vasewithlightsThe One Eared Cow Glass Story

“In the summer of 1992, three young art graduates from the University of South Carolina decided to take a chance and follow their dreams of continuing to express themselves artistically through creations of molten glass…”

These three USC graduates went on to form One Eared Cow Glass, Inc. Named after “an antique, hand-carved wooden cow’s head” with one missing ear, found in the process of building their first studio in Bishopville, South Carolina, the One Eared Cow Glass studio has now relocated to Columbia, SC, where two of the original three partners, Tom Lockart and Mark Woodham, continue to devise lovely, hand-blown glass creations in the most vibrant of colors. In the winter of 2009, a selection of Lockart and Woodham’s works will be on display in the Jennings and Schoolfield Galleries and will include decorative and functional items such as vases, bowls, flowers, lamps, and bird feeders.

Visit the One Eared Cow Glass website to learn more about Tom Lockart and Mark Woodham's studio.