January 9, 2009

untitleditalyfitzIn January of 2009, the Museum will be displaying a group of oils by local artist Harriet Fitzgerald from its private collection. Born in Danville in 1904, Fitzgerald went on to gain national status as a painter and teacher of art, establishing the artist collective, Abingdon Square Painters, in New York in 1948.

Often described as an expressionist, Fitzgerald saw art as "a means for self-discovery, perhaps self-knowledge." Throughout her work, therefore, Fitzgerald strove to discover who she was - that is, someone loud and vibrant, using incredibly bright and strong colors or someone more subtle and delicate, working in pastels and muted tones. The exhibition of Ms. Fitzgerald's art this winter will demonstrate that she was neither one nor the other, but both, using her paintbrush to express the remarkably animated and curiously quiet parts of her personality.

In addition to displaying pieces from its own collection, the Museum also wishes to exhibit Harriet Fitzgerald pieces from private collectors in the area.So, if you or someone you know owns a Fitzgerald painting and would be interested in loaning it to the Museum for the purposes of this exhibition, please contact Kristen N. Quarles at 434.793.5644.