May 2, 2008

aron_wnelson1Beginning May 2 in the Boatwright Gallery, the Museum will be featuring paintings and drawings by local tattoo artist, Harry Aron. Born in Radford, VA in 1966, Aron started drawing portraits when he was 10 years old. Aron’s interest in art led him to pursue his bachelor’s degree in illustration from Virginia Commonwealth University, and it was while Aron was at VCU that he created the pen and ink series titled “Danville Profiles.” Following his graduation from VCU in 1984, Aron worked in numerous commercial art fields, including printing, comic strips, and airbrushing. His knowledge of airbrushing later led Aron to paint motorcycles before moving into the world of tattoo art. In 1995, he opened Harry’s Tattoo Shop on Westover Drive in Danville. Outside of his career as a tattoo artist, Aron continues to paint and draw in multiple mediums, and he credits music as being “a vital inspiration in his work.” In fact, Aron’s love of music spawned a series of portraits of iconic musical artists, which will be on display in the Museum's Boatwright Gallery the spring and summer of 2008.