Renaissance Fund Donors

Renaissance Fund

Thank you, Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History supporters, for your Fiscal Year July  1, 2017 -June 30, 2018 Renaissance Fund annual appeal donations.  This funding is directed to the museum's general operating expenses.  The museum relies on your generous donations for its sustainability.


Mr. and Mrs. James A. L. Daniel

Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Patterson

Mr. H. Victor Millner, Jr.

Mrs. Marcia B. Turner

Fidelity Charitable

Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Compton

Holley and Gibson Realty Co., lnc.

Mrs. Vonda Argyrakis

Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Holland

Mr. and Mrs. William David Price

Mr. Jeffrey Carson

Dr. and Mrs. Pradeep Pradhan

Mrs. Lalor M. Earle

Dr. Sue Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas See

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Keim

Mr. David Clark

Dr. and Mrs. Frank C. Wickers

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Gourley

Dr. Cynthia and Mr. Dwight L. Heist

Mrs. Helen Swanson

Mr. Barry Koplen

Mr. David Corp and Mrs. Ann Sylves

Mrs. Marie Y. Nales

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Wilson

Mrs. Brenda Brokaw

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Hess, Jr.

Mr.  G. T. Gay

Mr. Calvin P. Milam

Ms. Laura Powell

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Wallace, Jr.

Mr. William H. Smith

Ms. Gail M. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Macauley Aron

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Davenport

Dr. and Mrs. Karl N. Stauber

The Honorable and Mrs. Danny W. Marshall III

Ms. Amy Whitehouse

Mrs. William J. Erwin, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Waters and Yvette

Ms. Androniki Fallis

Ms. Katharine  Whitehead and Mr. Robert McNutt

Mr. Harry G. Lea

Overfinch North America, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Maute

Mrs. Anne T. Pritchett

Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Kent

The Honorable and Mrs. Joseph Milam

Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Brinkley

Mr. Dale B. Hutchens

Mrs. Mary P. Ashby

Mrs. Elizabeth T. Wilson

Mrs. Inara Dodson

Mrs. Nan C. Freed

and Mr. Robert Jiranek

Mrs. Leah H. Shields

Mrs. John Collie, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Kushner

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Caplan

Mr. and Mrs. Harte J. Whittle, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Hovatter

Dr. and Mrs. Franklin Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Landon R. Wyatt, Jr.

Motley Florist, Inc.

Mrs. Lamar Barr