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October 29, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Marilyn Waller - The Haven: Domestic Violence Awareness Month Roundtable Talk
Friday, October 29  •  10am  • 
24 Reid Street, Chatham

Violence and abuse are critical problems in the United States. Their effects in rural America are often exacerbated by limited access to support services for victims, family connections with people in positions of authority, distance and geographic isolation, transportation barriers, the stigma of abuse, lack of available shelters and affordable housing, poverty as a barrier to care, and other challenges. Abuse victims who live in small communities may be well-acquainted with healthcare providers and law enforcement officers. For that reason, they may be reluctant to report abuse, fearing that their concerns will not be taken seriously, their confidentiality will not be maintained, their reputations may be damaged, or that they may incur even more abuse. Another challenge for victims of domestic violence is economic dependence, which limits their ability to leave an abusive situation.
         Building partnerships between healthcare organizations and community-based services, including domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy programs, can lead to increased staff engagement, comprehensive responses for survivors, and bi-directional referral protocols for patients and clients.