March 21, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

The event is part of the museum’s ongoing recognition of Camilla Williams, who was born in Danville and rose to become a world renowned opera diva. The Danville Museum was the recipient of her collection of career and personal effects that demonstrate her accomplishments despite the racial barriers she faced. Camilla Williams began singing in her church, Calvary Baptist Church, a short distance from the Danville Museum. The museum is actively taking donations to support the curating of the collection for future exhibits. Williams’ Gospel sheet music and hymnals will be on exhibit at the event.

Program Director Kathy Hall continues Williams’ legacy of bringing song to the community. “We would like to share the joy of Black Historical Pride through the knowledge of Gospel music,” Kathy Hall states to convey the mission of the event. “Remembering your black legacies can give insight into your destiny where your legacy awaits you.” A skit “Grandma Hands” will help frame the theme of Sing a Little Song. In addition to honoring Camilla Williams, ten performers will pay tribute to Gospel greats Mahalia Jackson, Joe Mays, Aretha Franklin, and others.