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Yarn Printing / Space Dyeing Workshop
January 21, 2021
Time: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
The Director will be exploring a historical yarn printing technique called ‘Space Dying’ which describes a method in which different colors spaced across the length of fabric/paper imparts an affect of random, unorganized designs. Space dyeing or Yarn printing can be done in contrasting shades. Space dyeing is a technique used to create lovely images or works, which puts forward one color to another. Depending on the method used, the fabrics can be softly muted or vibrant. During this printing session, the Director will also present an information sharing session on the DMFAH's up and coming community outreach program called WANDERLOVE: A Stitch in Time.
WANDERLOVE: A Stitch in Time will be one of the largest community knits ever experienced in the Dan River region and will consist of many regional knitting groups across Danville, Pittsylvania County and Caswell County. They will all be working on colorful yarn ‘scarf-like’ assembled sweaters, T-shirts and knitted yarn pieces that will be installed as a large Art Yarn Installation on the Danville Riverwalk in July of 2021. Sign-up for knitting groups will commence on Friday, January 22,2021 We ask that Knitting Group Leaders register their groups through a registration form that will be made available on our website. Gather Knitting People - so we can create something vibrant and spectacular to pull us through this gloomy winter!!!