American Modern Art - Carson Davenport

Carson Davenport

A native of Danville, Carson Davenport was an artist of national reputation and an artist-teacher of the first-rank. Born on February 14, 1908, he spent most of his life making art. Mr. Davenport attended the Danville Public Schools and Stratford College in Danville.

American Modern Art - Local Artists

Local Artists

Danville Area Artists including:

Harriet Fitzgerald

Paul Bond

Robert Marsh

Lucile Walton

Gordon Neal

American Modern Art - Photo-Realism


Photo-Realist works by:

Tom Blackwell

Ron Kleeman

Ralph Goings

American Modern Art - Regionalism


Works by:

Grant Wood 

Thomas Hart Benton 

Gordon Grant 

Jackson Lee Nesbitt 

Luigi Lucioni

American Modern Art - Outsider and Folk Art

Outsider and Folk Art

Collection includes work by:

Howard Finster

L. Haywood Coffey

Victor Joseph Gatto

American Modern Art - Maud Gatewood

Maud Gatewood

The Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History has recently been the benefactor of a bequest from the Estate of Maud Gatewood (1934 – 2004).