November 1, 2013

Important Gift to the Museum

Henry VanderWyde was an artist who served as an Union officer during the American Civil War. He was captured at the Battle of Cedar Creek and held as a prisoner of war in Danville's Warehouse/Prisons (most likely Prison #3). The Museum has received an important gift from Robert Mann of Plentywood, Montana - VanderWyde's sketchbook  of prison life in Danville from 1864 - 1865.

Henry VanderWeyde was born in the Netherlands but grew up in New York.  At the age of 22 he was attending Cooper Art Institute when he enlisted in Co. G of the 7th Regiment of the New York State Militia in 1861.  During the war he became a Captain and Breveted Major and served as an Aide de Camp on the staff of two generals of the Army of the Potomac. After his exchange at the end of the war, he became a Provost Marshall. It was in this capacity that he received the Mayor's surrender of  Danville and had quarters in the Mayor's home.

After serving in the army, VanderYeyde moved with his wife to Paris and later London, where he enjoyed a career as a portrait artist. On February 24, 1924 he died in London at the age of 84.

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    Reality of Prison Life

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