July 1, 2014

Board MembersThe Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History recently installed a new slate of Board members to serve three year terms as Directors. They were recruited through a nominating process to fit the strategic goals of the Museum. The Danville Museum, celebrating its 40th anniversary, is finalizing a new Strategic Plan to respond to the changes in the Dan River Region and promote its role as a leader in arts, history, and culture. The Board of Directors now boasts 27 members which meet quarterly and serve on at least one of the thirteen committees required to manage its campus, which includes the Sutherlin Mansion, also known as “The Last Capitol of the Confederacy.”

Board 2014The new Board members have a variety of backgrounds and skills, but all share a strong interest in either art or history and have community service experience. The new members include: Brenda Brokaw, Kristen Houser Barker, Tom Duren, Androniki Fallis, Justin Ferrell, John Michael Fisher, Janice Gilstrap, Cedric Hairston, Angela Harris, Dr. Jay Hayes, Martin Hopkins, Scott Jones, Col. (Ret.) Lawrence Meder, Dave Slayton, Lee Vogler, and Dr. Larry Wilburn. The Nominating Committee recruited new members to return the Board to its 28 seat capacity and replaced recent and long term vacancies. The Board also recruited a new Executive Director, Cara Burton, in 2013 to implement their plans for the future.

The new officers of the Museum Board are Jane Murray (President), Tommy Freeze (Vice President), Gary Cotta (Treasurer), and Joanie Littleton (Secretary). Barry Shields is Past-President. Nominations for new Board members are accepted throughout the year and are approved at their winter meeting.

The Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History is a private, not-for-profit institution that relies on membership, admission, fundraising, and grants to provide its cultural and educational programs and exhibits. Open six days each week, the Museum has a small paid staff and relies on its volunteer Board, docents, and Guild members to provide its services. Visitors from around the world visit Danville to see the historic Sutherlin Mansion at Danville Museum, generating important historic tourism dollars to the community. Membership is open to all and available at different levels. For more information visit the Museum’s website at www.danvillemuseum.org or call (434) 793-5644(434) 793-5644.




(New members boldfaced)

Photo #1: First row: Tom Duren, Cynthia Collie, Jane Murray (President), Joanie Littleton. Second row: Scott Jones, Cara Burton (Executive Director), Gary Cotta, Jerry Meadors, Sam Kushner. Third row: Bobby Allen Roach, Larry Oldham, Martin Hopkins, Lawrence Meder, Barry Shields (Past President)

Photo #2: First row: Kristen Houser BarkerAngela Harris, Jane Murray (President), Brenda Brokaw, Jerry MeadorsSecond row: Tom Duren, Joanie Littleton, Janice Gilstrap, Larry Wilburn, Justin Ferrell, Lawrence Meder. Third row: Dr. Jay Hayes, Anne Geyer, Mark Lewis

New members not pictured: Niki Fallis, John Michael Fisher, Cedric Hairston, Dave Slayton, Lee Vogler