March 7, 2015
Civil War Redux Exhibit

As part of the Museum’s commemoration of the Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War, the Schoolfield Gallery will feature Civil War Redux by Richmond photographer Willie Anne Wright. Beginning in 1987, when she chanced upon a re-enactment in Richmond, Wright spent the next twelve years, and again in 2003, following the troops. She photographed on film with a 4 x 5” pinhole camera re-enactments on or near original Civil War sites.

Using pinhole (lensless) photography, Wright is able to recreate the slow imaging processes of the photographers of the mid- 19th century. Wright says. “My subjects, as theirs, did not include battle action. I concentrated on camp scenes, impressions of players of the period -- both famous and little known, medical and death related images, and portrayals of widows. Included are men and women -- Caucasian and African- American, Yankees and Rebels. While recording the activities of the historically accurate re-enactors, sometimes an inevitable anachronism slips in.” The exhibition is on loan from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.